DIY Lace Choker

Right now, as of this moment, I am honestly in love obsessed with incorporating lace into my everyday outfit. Something about it, is just so elegant. It can make jeans and a tee-shirt look elegant! Its just a trend that I love and always have loved. This is the first of MANY Lace DIYs to come! Hope you enjoy! This was a very simple DIY and there is no excuse for not trying it! 

Measuring tape
Velvet or black ribbon (I used velvet) 
Needle and thread or sewing machine 

Start by measuring the or estimating how much ribbon or velvet you will need in order to fasten the choker. Remember, you will need two identical strips. In my case, I measured about 6in for each side, making it a total of 12 in. of velvet. Size may very depending on how tight or lose you would like it. 

Next, you'll want to sew the strips to each side. 

And then you have it! A beautiful five minute Lace choker! 



  1. Oh wow... Well done you! Such a beautiful result and wonderful idea. x

    1. Thank you! so easy to do!! You should try it (:

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  2. how wonderful! Please visit and follow my blog, if you think interested.


  3. THanks for following me, Ironically I just did a bandeau DIY,which I almost made out of JUST lace ( see through)> Yours looks so fantastic! I will follow you now =)